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About Us

BespokeEgypt is an online fashion store for women apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty products in one user-friendly platform. BespokeEgypt offers the modern urban woman with a wide range of contemporary fashion pieces allowing her to express her individual style.


Putting our clients at the heart of our brand, our versatile collection is curated to provide endless styling choices. Through mixing and matching different pieces together, our clients are able to create complete looks that fit their lifestyle and tell bespoke fashion stories.


Our mission is to create a well-curated collection that would show our commitment to bringing everything the modern urban woman needs under one roof. BespokeEgypt is seeking to become the most prominent online contemporary fashion apparel and style resource in the country.


At BespokeEgypt our affinity for fashion and professional dedication are the main pillars for our business model. Deeply rooted into our brand culture, we are constantly looking to translate our core values throughout our touch-points in order to offer our clients with the most pleasant experience possible.

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